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Prior to going to PA school in my 30’s; I had a bachelor’s in education working in the Choctaw Nation Educational program. I wanted to work as a medical provider since I was a young child. I believe that providers need to educate their patients so that the patient can have ownership of their own health and wellness. I have worked for Caring Hands twice in my career, with the current time starting December of 2020. I love the team approach at Caring Hands and the resources to help patients with such a wide range of services. I see all patients including Family Planning and Women’s Health.

Kim Elrod, PA

Medical Providers

Johnny Zellmer, M.D.

Jody Wilson, M.D.

Kamron Torbati, M.D.

Stacy Scroggins, P.A.

Kim Elrod, P.A.

Larry Burns, P.A.

Susan Davis, P.A.

Grover Compton, P.A.

Lisa Clayton, CNP

Mary Sweetin, CNP

Tim Reid, PharmD

Brian Musgrove, RD, LD

Dental Providers

Lisa Clayton, CNP

Lisa Clayton, CNP

Lisa Clayton, CNP

Behavioral Health

James Corbett, PA

Beverly Knighten, LCSW

Ande Reid, LPC



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